(Español) Curso de openEHR en español 3era edición

 Escrito por el Ing.  Pablo Pazos, docente del curso online:

openEHR brochure icon

 ” Con la Asociación Chilena de Informática en Salud (http://achisa.org) estamos organizando la tercera edición del curso de openEHR en español: openEHR el estándar abierto para historias clínicas electrónicas a prueba de futuro. 

 El curso repasa los problemas que tenemos en el desarrollo, implantación y evolución de sistemas de información en el área de la salud, y cómo encarar estos procesos de forma estandarizada, gestionada, viable y sustentable. Todo esto desde la óptica de openEHR, un estándar que propone una arquitectura de historia clínica electrónica interoperable y “a prueba de futuro”. …” Continue reading »

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Center for Health Market Innovations – 2012 Highlights

The Center for Health Market Innovations just announced the publication of its second annual addition of Highlights 2012 - a publication with observations about health markets from around the world.

According to CHMI: 

“What’s new in CHMI’s Highlights: 2012?

  • A visualization depicting key characteristics of the 1,200
    programs in CHMI’s data set, including 200 programs added since our last
    , on page 10.
  • Key facts about 80 newly launched programs in the past
    year, including a Somaliland pharmacy franchise and a Kenyan call center, on
    page 8.
  • Insights into business models adopted by primary healthcare
    franchises and chains
    , mobile healthcare, and programs striving to
    improve maternal healthcare, starting on page 13.
  • A new way to track program performance in key dimensions
    like quality, cost, and efficiency; selected results from a sample of close to
    150 health programs, on page 28.
  • Examples of in-country events led by our partners in the Philippines,
    Indonesia, Kenya, and elsewhere, bringing together people who are implementing,
    studying, and funding market-based health programs. Highlights from these events
    start on page 32. …”
You can access a slide show and dowload the full report at:  http://healthmarketinnovations.org/  
Share this report on Twitter using the link bit.ly/CHMIHighlights2012 and follow @CHMInnovations to keep up on health market innovations.
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PAHO’s Presence in Cuban Health: José Luis Di Fabio PhD. PAHO/WHO Representative in Cuba

MEDICC Review interview with PAHO/WHO Representative in Cuba, Dr. Jose Luis Di Fabio.  In the interview, he briefly touches on Cuba’s South-South collaboration with Brazil on the development and production of the meningococcal vaccine A+C for Africa.  He also mentions Cuba’s international cooperation and the Latin American Medical School, which are other ways the island nation is reaching out and offering health cooperation.

To read the full article, visit: http://www.medicc.org/mediccreview/index.php?issue=22&id=272&a=va

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Priority Setting in Health: Supporting health technology assessment in the Americas

Join PAHO at the following public event, hosted by the Center for Global Development in Washington DC:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

**Reception to follow**

Harvey V. Fineberg
Institute of Medicine

Mirta Roses Periago
Pan American Health Organization

Amanda Glassman
Director of Global Health Policy
Center for Global Development

“The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is moving to tackle one of the most difficult and important challenges of health policy: strengthening regional mechanisms for assessing which health technologies are cost effective and therefore appropriate for public funding. It’s a sensitive issue that vexes poor and rich countries alike–including the United States. A recent PAHO resolution signed by the United States, Canada, and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean will strengthen a network created last year to improve the quality of Health Technology Assessment studies and their use in the allocation of public budgets.

The improved network would address problems identified in a CGD working group report, Priority-Setting in Health: Building Institutions for Smarter Public Spending, that urges the creation and strengthening of national and regional priority-setting institutions to improve the effectiveness of public spending on health. The CGD report shows that global health donors and both developed and developing countries could greatly reduce suffering from ill-health and save many more lives–and often money, too–by taking into account the cost-effectiveness of health interventions to better allocate healthcare funds.”


Register for the event on the Center for Global Development website: http://www.cgdev.org/content/calendar/detail/1426554/

CDG article about PAHO’s work in the region on technology assessment,”Pan American Progress on Priority Setting in Health: Strengthened Network Meets Needs Set Out in Center for Global Development Report,” available here: http://www.cgdev.org/content/article/detail/1426587/?utm_&&&

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Ninth Regional Congress on Health Sciences Information – CRICS9 (22-24 Oct 2012)

The Ninth Regional Congress on Health Sciences Information – CRICS9 will be held at the Pan American Health Organization Headquarters, in Washington, DC – USA, during October 22 – 24, 2012.

CRICS9 will be an open forum for discussion on issues relevant to Public Health in the Americas, organized into five tracks:

Information for decision making in health – information management, digital libraries and repositories, and information needs

Public Strategies and policies - development and sustainability, technical cooperation among countries and governments

Information and communication technologies - mHealth, interoperability, accessibility, and standards

Telehealth - models and programs applied to primary care, telehealth services development integrated into national health systems

Capacity building - communication for health promotion, use of social networks, and digital literacy.

For more information, visit: http://www.crics9.org/en/ 

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Connect Americas Summit 2012 (17 – 19 July 2012)

Where: Panama City, Panama

When: 17 – 19 July 2012

The Connect Americas Summit is organized by the International Telecommunication Union and is hosted by the Government of the Republic of Panama. Connect Americas is part of ITU’s Connect the World series, an ambitious initiative launched in 2005 aimed at connecting the unconnected by the year 2015.

Organized on a regional basis, the Connect the World series of events is focused on regional priorities, including the Regional Initiatives established at the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference in 2010 (WTDC-10), as well as the overall goals established at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).


Summit Objectives

The Connect Americas Summit aims to mobilize the human, financial and technical resources required to close Information and Communication Technology gaps in the region. The Summit offers a venue for leaders from the public and private sectors as well as international and regional financing and development agencies to network face-to-face and forge new partnerships. It is preceded by a preparatory process (including consultation meetings in Mexico City, Mexico, and Port of Spain, Trinidad) during which ICT development projects and project holders are identified, as well as partners and donors willing to contribute to the implementation of the selected projects, with a view to enhance the deployment of ICT networks, applications and services within the region.

To learn more, go here: http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/connect/americas/programme.asp?language=en

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Staff training for the Human Milk Bank in Hospital Escuela (Honduras) to begin its operation

(available in Spanish only)

Según la oficina de la OPS en Honduras: “Del 23 al 27 de Abril 2012, Danielle da Silva e Isis Azevedo, técnicas de la Red Iberoamericana de Bancos de Leche Humana (BLH) de Brasil, brindaron la capacitación sobre procesamiento de la pasteurización de la leche materna a las personas encargadas del banco de leche del Hospital Materno Infantil.

El BLH ya funciona en el hospital  Mario Catarino Rivas de la ciudad de San Pedro Sula y se espera que al finalizar las capacitaciones impartidas por las técnicas brasileñas pueda comenzar su funcionamiento en el Hospital Materno Infantil de Tegucigalpa. El proceso de implementación de los BLH en el país comenzó en 2007 y desde sus inicios ha contado con la cooperación del gobierno brasileño con el que esta semana se firmó un nuevo convenio de cooperación y apoyo técnico.

Esta capacitación es parte del convenio de cooperación entre Brasil y Honduras. Se beneficiará a los niños prematuros, a los que presenten bajo peso y a los que por otros motivos necesiten de esta asistencia. …”

Read more on the PAHO Honduras webpage.

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PAHO Launches New Platform to Promote Access to Health Technologies and Innovation

 The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) will launch the Regional Platform for Access to Health Technologies and Innovation on 7 May 2012. The objective is to improve transparency, information flow, and cooperation among countries of the region in order to promote access, innovation, rational use, and governance of essential drugs, biological medicines, and diagnostics in public health.

The interactive platform encompasses research, development, and innovation for health technologies; pharmaceutical policies and health technologies; access to and rational use of medicines; and regulation and management of intellectual property. It is a tool for health authorities in the Americas; national regulatory authorities; departments of science, technology, and innovation; scientists, researchers, and research institutes; civil society, nongovernmental organizations, and foundations that work with medicines and health technologies; and sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

Continue reading »

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