Shared public health challenges need shared public health solutions

Public health problems are increasingly shared among countries, their communities and regions.  Cooperation among countries, with support from the international community and the participation of social actors from a variety of sectors, has become a necessity in order to effectivly respond to these shared challenges.  Over the years, knowledge and experiences have accumulated regarding cooperation among countries for health development.  The creation of collaborative networks and horizontal partnerships have been crucial in the development and implementation of important public health interventions and innovations, but these valuable experiences have not always been documented or shared with a wider audience.

International cooperation partners for health development, particularly those working within the framework of and under the guiding principles of South-South and Triangular Cooperation, have expressed the need for improved mechanisms to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences to promote more collective learning. This portal is one instrument to address that need.


Who is the portal for and what purpose does it serve?

  • The portal serves as a connecting mechanism among international cooperation policy-makers: facilitating contact between countries offering and demanding health cooperation, as well as connecting partner countries and health development partners. It also promotes the participation and integration of academia, civil society actors, and all health professionals and practitioners interested in health development in the Region of the Americas into the same dialogue.


  • The portal provides a space for collective learning through the exchange of knowledge, information and experiences related to modalities of horizontal cooperation and partnerships in health.  It aims to document and systematize the experiences that various governments, regional and multilateral organizations, and other institutions dedicated to international cooperation for health development, have implemented over the years.


  • The portal seeks to foster and strengthen international cooperation through the creation of collaborative networks, horizontal partnerships and alliances among different health actors to put innovative and effective public health solutions into practice.



The design of this portal was partially funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).