Cambio de Paradigma: Cómo los BRICS están transformando la Salud Global y Desarrollo

Global Health Strategies Initiatives (GHSi) BRICS report – March 2012

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According to the GHSi: “….The report was released in the lead-up to the 4th BRICS Summit (28-29 March,New Delhi).

It takes an in-depth look at the increasingly important roles Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are playing to advance health and development in the world’s poorest countries. … ” (p.5)

An overview of BRICS foreign assistance can be seen in the graphic below from GHSi, which is further detailed in the report.

Infographic from GHSi BRICS report - BRIC Foreign Assistance

“There is an urgent need for new resources and innovation in global health, and the world is looking to the BRICS and other emerging economies for greater leadership in these areas. As these countries invest more in global health and R&D, it is clear that their approaches differ from those of traditional donors and are shaped by their own experiences, philosophies and interests. It is also clear that the BRICS and other emerging economies will play an increasingly important role in driving access to new health technologies and services.

Shifting Paradigm comprises part of a larger GHSi project focused on the intersections between major growth economies and global health.

This report presents findings from a qualitative and quantitative survey of present and future efforts by Brazil, Russia, India,China and South  improve global health. It examines these roles within the broader context of international development and foreign assistance, though health remains the primary focus. This report also includes a brief look at other emerging powers beyond the BRICS that have potential to impact major global health issues.

The goal was to examine existing BRICS assistance programs and contributions to health innovation in order to identify opportunities for the BRICS and other emerging powers to expand upon their achievements and increase their contributions to improving health in the poorest countries.” (p.5-6).


Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Brazil

Brazil Overview

Brazil’s International Cooperation

Brazil’s Health Cooperation

Brazilian Innovation and Implications for Global Health

3. Russia

Russia Overview

Russia’s Foreign Assistance

Russia’s Health Assistance

Russian Innovation and Implications for Global Health

4. India

India Overview

India’s Foreign Assistance

India’s Health Assistance

Indian Innovation and Implications for Global Health

5. China

China Overview

China’s Foreign Assistance

China’s Health Assistance

Chinese Innovation and Implications for Global Health

6. South Africa

South Africa Overview

South Africa’s Foreign Assistance

South Africa’s Health Assistance and Impact

on Global Health Innovation

7. Beyond BRICS

8. Key Findings and Conclusions



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