Center for Health Market Innovations – 2012 Highlights

The Center for Health Market Innovations just announced the publication of its second annual addition of Highlights 2012 - a publication with observations about health markets from around the world.

According to CHMI: 

“What’s new in CHMI’s Highlights: 2012?

  • A visualization depicting key characteristics of the 1,200
    programs in CHMI’s data set, including 200 programs added since our last
    , on page 10.
  • Key facts about 80 newly launched programs in the past
    year, including a Somaliland pharmacy franchise and a Kenyan call center, on
    page 8.
  • Insights into business models adopted by primary healthcare
    franchises and chains
    , mobile healthcare, and programs striving to
    improve maternal healthcare, starting on page 13.
  • A new way to track program performance in key dimensions
    like quality, cost, and efficiency; selected results from a sample of close to
    150 health programs, on page 28.
  • Examples of in-country events led by our partners in the Philippines,
    Indonesia, Kenya, and elsewhere, bringing together people who are implementing,
    studying, and funding market-based health programs. Highlights from these events
    start on page 32. …”
You can access a slide show and dowload the full report at:  
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