(English) Innovation, Technology and South-South Collaboration – UNCTAD October 2012

Available online PDF [164p] at: http://bit.ly/XhFAnC

UNCTAD’s Technology and Innovation Report 2012 focuses on how South-South collaboration can help address key capacity questions faced by developing countries.

The information and analysis contained in this report mark a contribution to the efforts now getting under way to establish a set of Sustainable Development Goals and to outline a post-2015 development agenda.





This message from the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO/WHO, is part of an
effort to disseminate information Related to: Equity; Health inequality; Socioeconomic
inequality in health; Socioeconomic health differentials; Gender; Violence; Poverty; Health Economics; Health
Legislation; Ethnicity; Ethics; Information Technology – Virtual libraries; Research & Science issues.

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