Triangular Cooperation Experience between the Government of the Argentine Republic and the Pan-American Health Organization/World Health Organization

In a global context of economic, energy and environmental crisis, the countries of the Americas, most of them categorized as middle-income countries, face the challenge of playing a protagonist role in the new international cooperation scenario.  The countries are seeking to do so with the aim of consolidating a new paradigm based on the primary pillars of solidarity and working together, yet without disregarding their own national realities.Promoting equitable and inclusive economic growth as well as sustainable development are still questions of utmost importance for middle-income countries, which are increasingly in a position of providing technical cooperation to other countries, as well as receiving.   International cooperation, particularly South-South and triangular cooperation is quickly gaining ground and becoming an important aspect of the new global architecture.

The Argentine Republic has a long tradition of international cooperation, both as a country receiving the contribution of the skills existing in other countries as well as a cooperating country providing assistance in several areas.  The commitment and the will to play a significant role together with other sister communities throughout the developing world is strong within Argentina and they are actively seeking partner organizations to help them fulfill these goals.  One such example is the cooperation with the Pan-American HealthOrganization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

The following publication, published in 2009, discusses the successes as well as specific considerations in the collaboration between the goverment of Argentina and PAHO/WHO to maximize South-South cooperation opportunities, which may prove useful to other governments seeking to pursue similar endeavors with like-minded partners.

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