Good Practice

Name of public health intervention:
Shelter for High-Risk Pregnant Women

Entity that is presenting it:

  • Institution/Organization name: Fundación Nuestra Señora del Camino
  • Address: Provincia de Chiriquí, Distrito de San Félix, Corregimiento de San Félix. Panama
  • Phone: Telefax: 727-0677 Celular: 6745-2419
  • Email:
  • Website:

Type of Organization: Civil Society or Non-Governmental


  • Participating National Institutions, Organizations and/or Subregional Entities:
    Ministry of Health Panama
  • Participating International and Multilateral Organizations:
    Fondo de Población de Naciones Unidas- UNFPA

Family/Community Health and Health Promotion

Childbirth, shelter, hospital, treatment, maternidad segura,

Geographic scope of the intervention?


Where is the intervention being implemented?

  • Region(s):
  • Country(ies):
  • Locality(ies):

Is there a target population or beneficiary? Yes
Pregnant women

When did the intervention begin?

Is it still functioning? No

Childbirth can be an extremely challenging and painful process, but for the women of Ngäbe not having a hospital nearby made childbirth even more difficult and dangerous. The community of Ngäbe lives very far from the closest hospital and often do not succeed in arriving or are forced to wait in the outskirts for hours and days at time without receiving timely medical treatment. The Ministry of Health along with the Fundacion Nuestra Señora Del Camino initiated a project to construct a shelter so that the pregnant women of the community could be lodged to receive early care in health care facilities by qualified personnel, giving them time to arrive at the hospital. The environment of the shelters is centered on quality treatment and active participation of the man in supporting the woman. Since the projects initiation, 100% of the women of the Ngäbe community have used the services (1088 pregnant women) and have had a positive response to the quality of care. Furthermore, 87% of the pregnant women who have gone through the shelter have passed on the knowledge they attained from the services as well as spreading the word about the shelter to other families.

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Name of Contact Person:
Rosa Moreno
Fundación Nuestra Señora del Camino


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