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Name of public health intervention:
Star Health Services: Integration of gender considerations in the management of public health services at the primary care level

Entity that is presenting it:

  • Institution/Organization name: Servicio Departamental de Salud La Paz, Bolivia
  • Address: Calle Capitán Ravelo # 2180 La Paz, Bolivia
  • Phone: 2440954-2440956-2440169-2441350
  • Email:
  • Website:

Type of Organization: Governmental


  • Participating National Institutions, Organizations and/or Subregional Entities:
  • Participating International and Multilateral Organizations:

Family/Community Health and Health Promotion
Improved Quality and Access to Health Systems and Services

Gender, quality, accessibility

Geographic scope of the intervention?


Where is the intervention being implemented?

  • Region(s):
  • Country(ies):
  • Locality(ies):
    Pampahasi Bajo

Is there a target population or beneficiary? Yes

When did the intervention begin?

Is it still functioning? Yes

The women of La Paz show critical inequalities, such as: cancer, specially uterine and cervical, maternal mortality, problems in sexual and reproductive health, the negative impact of HIV/AIDS, domestic and inter-familiar violence, low education level, little participation in politics, and limited job opportunities, to name a few. When it comes to health care services, low coverage’s and low participation of women in their own health needs is a result of discrimination, mistreatment and poor service organization. This situation motivated the initiation of a project that would make gender topics in health a priority.

The project contributed to improving the quality and access to health services, identifying and answering barriers within health services (coverage’s) and barriers in the population (women taking little control over their own health). The initiative began in 2004 through direct interventions made by the Health Department of La Paz with a focus on the municipality of Pampahasi Bajo. Today, the project is going through a process of institutionalization in the Health Department of La Paz.

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Contact Information:

Name of Contact Person:
Francy Marcela Venegas - Responsable de Salud Mental, Violencia, Genero
Servicio Departamental de Salud La Paz - Bolivia


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