Good Practice

Name of public health intervention:
Comprehensive Healthcare for Adolescents: Reducing health risks and damage to reproductive health with a gender equality approach

Entity that is presenting it:

  • Institution/Organization name: Hospital General de Agudos Cosme Argerich and Fundación para la Salud Adolescente del 2000 de Argentina
  • Address: Py y Margall 750 - La Boca Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Phone: 4121-0700/0800
  • Email:
  • Website:

Type of Organization: Governmental


  • Participating National Institutions, Organizations and/or Subregional Entities:
    Hospital General de Agudos Cosme Argerich y Fundación para la Salud Adolescente del 2000 de Argentina
  • Participating International and Multilateral Organizations:

Family/Community Health and Health Promotion

Sexual and Reproductive health, gender, rights

Geographic scope of the intervention?


Where is the intervention being implemented?

  • Region(s):
  • Country(ies):
  • Locality(ies):
    Buenos Aires

Is there a target population or beneficiary? Yes

When did the intervention begin?

Is it still functioning? Yes

This publication presents the experience carried out by the Service of Adolescence at the General Hospital of Agudos Cosme Argerich in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, devoted to the comprehensive care of adolescents. The intervention was created in order to respond to the high figures of adolescent pregnancy, the lack of sexual and reproductive health prevention programs, and the need for pre and post abortion counseling. Through the use of workshops, the project was able to effectively use time spent in waiting rooms to address the situations of everyday life of adolescents and educate them on sexual and reproductive health, gender and rights.

Since its initiation, the initiative has shown a significant increase in adolescents seeking counseling as well as a decline in complications related to pregnancy. In this way, the experience proves to be a good practice in its efforts to change the attitudes of men, women, and health care providers in order to improve their health.

Additional Material:

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Contact Information:

Name of Contact Person:
Dr. Enrique Berner - Jefe de Servicio
Hospital General de Agudos Dr. Cosme Argerich - Departamento Materno Infanto Juvenil - Servicio de Adolescencia
Py y Margall 750 - La Boca
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
TEL 4121-0700/0800


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