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Initiative Name:
Technical Cooperation among Cities: Toward safe transit - Sharing of experiences among the cities of Buenos Aires, Belo Horizonte, and Montevideo
Initiative Status:
Finalizado y consolidación de resultados
Adaptation, replication or scaling up of a previous initiative?
Modality of the initiative:
Environmental Health, Sustainable Development and Intersectoral Action
transito, transit, seguridad vial, salud urbano, road safety, urban health, ciudades, cities

Geographic Identifiers

Countries Leading or Providing Technical Cooperation:
Brasil, Uruguay,Argentina
Countries Demanding Technical Cooperation:
Brasil, Uruguay,Argentina
Participating National Institutions, Organizations and/or Subregional Entities:
ARGENTINA: Dirección General de Seguridad Vial; Ministerio de Justicia; Ministerio de Salud; Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. BRASIL: Ministerio de Salud; Intendencia Municipal de Belo Horizonte; Secretaría Municipal de Salud de Belo Horizonte; BHTRANS – Empresa de Transportes y Tránsito de Belo Horizonte. URUGUAY: Unidad Nacional de Seguridad Vial - UNASEV - Presidencia de la República; Intendencia de Montevideo.
Participating International and Multilateral Organizations:
Organización Panamericana de la Salud/Organización Mundial de la Salud (OPS/OMS)
Initiative Start Date:
Initiative End Date:

Initiative Cost/Budget and Sources of Funding

Initiative Total Cost/Budget: (in US$)
Percentage Contributed by National Governments:
$48,350 - 28%
Percentage Contributed by 3rd party sources:
OPS - $125,000 - 72%

Initiative Description

Road safety is a priority in the Pan American Health Organization’s agenda since traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of mortality in the Region, resulting in 142,252 deaths and an estimated 5 million injuries each year, mostly among those ages 5 to 44. In addition to the suffering of those who are injured and their families, the situation also creates significant demand for prehospital care as well as trauma care, which increases the burden on health services and translates into increased costs for everyone.

In 2008 ministers of health in the Americas signed the Mérida Declaration and approved an call to action in the region for the prevention of deaths and injuries due to external causes and to promote road safety. The ministerial delegations expressly observed that systematic data collection on the topic within the region is inadequate and that a better understanding of the magnitude of the problem was a challenge that urgently needed to be addressed.

The objectives of the project were to share experiences and encourage participating cities to share resources and to develop complementary capabilities; to promote skills and technology transfer according to available resources; and to further develop the strengths of the participating countries.

The information systems in the three cities were strengthened through this important exchange. Good practices in the three cities were identified, documented, and published on the Web. Given the success of the project and the exchange, a collaborative network on the subject has been established to facilitate continued information and knowledge exchange.

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Contact Information:

Name of Contact Person:
Diego Gonzalez, Asesor de la OPS de Salud Ambiental y Desarrollo Sostenible
Organización Panamericana de la Salud

Additional Contact Information:
Luis Roberto Escoto, Asesor de la OPS, email:; Gustavo Delgado, Asesor de la OPS, email: