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Initiative Name:
Capacity development in data collection and health information management between El Salvador and the Eastern Caribbean
Initiative Status:
Completed and consolidating results
Adaptation, replication or scaling up of a previous initiative?
Modality of the initiative:
Health Information Systems and Technology
SIMMOW, WinSIG, health information, data collection

Geographic Identifiers

Countries Leading or Providing Technical Cooperation:
El Salvador
Countries Demanding Technical Cooperation:
Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Montserrat and St. Lucia, the Commonwealth of Dominica
Participating National Institutions, Organizations and/or Subregional Entities:
Public health professionals from the Ministries of Health of the Republic of El Salvador, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Barbados, Montserrat and St. Lucia
Participating International and Multilateral Organizations:
Initiative Start Date:
Initiative End Date:

Initiative Cost/Budget and Sources of Funding

Initiative Total Cost/Budget: (in US$)
Percentage Contributed by 3rd party sources:
100% (PAHO/WHO)

Initiative Description

In order to strengthen the access, quality and cost management in health care, the collection of data and management of information are vital. However, because of a perceived complexity in terms of time and cost associated with the selection of a prototype and the acquisition of software, hardware and subsequent training, effective responses to these critical needs are too often deferred. In reality, evidence-based decision-making, based on sound information and statistics regarding a health system's production and management, can result in significant cost savings and promote a more strategic use of limited resources.

In order to address this challenge in a number of countries in the Eastern Caribbean, a Technical Cooperation among Countries (TCC) project was developed, with support from the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, to organize the sharing of experiences and good practices in health information systems between El Salvador and countries of the Eastern Caribbean. The Ministry of Health in the Republic of El Salvador uses a web-based Morbidity and Mortality Information System (SIMMOW, acronym in Spanish) as well as the WinSIG application system. The exchange enabled representatives of the Ministries of Health from the Eastern Caribbean Countries (ECC) of Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat and St. Lucia, to develop a clearer understanding of existing technologies and to see them in use. Various workshops were held to train participants on data collection and management of health information systems.

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Contact Information:

Name of Contact Person:
Ms. Marlene de Barrientos
Ministry of Health El Salvador, Unit for Health Information