Introducing Knowledge Sharing KS Methods and Tools: A Facilitator’s Guide



By Allison Hewlitt and Lucie Lamoureux


Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development as a component of the ENRAP initiative present this tool for Knowledge Sharing workshops and trainings.

 “… to ensure that staff at all levels are familiar with knowledge-sharing and learning processes and tools, and with the appropriate behaviours and attitudes. examples of areas that will be addressed as a priority will be the thematic networks, specific knowledge-sharing and learning tools, and the use of the information technology platform……”

  Available online PDF [132p.] at:




User 1: A KS Workshop Approach
Workshop design

A needs assessment

Workshop learning characteristics

Facilitator planning

What do we mean by KS?

KS Entry Point 1:
How can we… Strengthen relationships and networks

Option 1: Social network mapping and analysis

KS Entry Point 2:
How can we… Capture and disseminate lessons learned, case studies and good practices

Option 1: Tools treasure hunt

Option 2: Video storytelling

KS Entry Point 3:
How can we… Generate and share lessons learned, case studies and good practices

Option 1: Speed sharing

Option 2: Chat show

Option 3: Jumpstart storytelling

KS Entry Point 4:
How can we… Design and facilitate better meetings and workshops

Option 1: World Café

Option 2: Facilitation Skills

Option 3: Peer Assist

KS Entry Point 5:
How can we… Strengthen and sustain knowledge sharing

Option 1: KM Self-Assessment

Option 2: Peer Assist (on integrating KS in IFAD business processes)

What’s next?

Option 1: Review of KS methods and tools

Option 2: Open Space
Workshop Close

After Action Review

Closing session
Workshop Learning

Learning Before

Learning During

Learning After

Workshop Resources


Sample workshop agenda

User 2: Introducing a Method or Tool during a Meeting or Workshop


What do I need to think about?

What have others done?

How do I use the guide?




User 3: Using KS methods and tools to enhance work


How would I integrate KS tolls in my work?

How do I use the guide?









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