3rd Meeting of the Technical Group for Development and Management of Human Resources in Health (RHUS GT) of the South American Health Council of UNASUR

(Available in Spanish only) 

Lima, 30 de marzo de 2012 – Con la presencia de delegados gubernamentales de los 12 países miembros de UNASUR y con el apoyo y acompañamiento de la OPS/OMS, se inició la III Reunión del Grupo Técnico de Recursos Humanos de UNASUR en la cual, delegados de todos los países realizarán un balance de lo avanzado hasta la fecha y analizarán los retos pendientes de este importante grupo de trabajo.

Durante este III Encuentro el Perú transferirá la coordinación de este grupo de trabajo a Brasil.

Como breve balance de este grupo de trabajo, se puede mencionar que está  coordinación incluye la creación de la  Red de Escuelas Técnicas de Salud – RETS UNASUR, la Red de Institutos Nacionales de Salud de UNASUR Salud, la Red de Escuelas de Salud Pública / Escuelas de Gobierno en Salud, la Red de Institutos Nacionales del Cáncer/RINC UNASUR Salud, la creación del Programa de Becas de UNASUR SALUD, y la creación del Instituto Suramericano de Gobierno en Salud (ISAGS).

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Article from ISAGS regarding the meeting (in English) available here: http://isags-unasul.org/noticias_interna.asp?id=2636

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Shifting Paradigm: How the BRICS are Reshaping Global Health and Development

Global Health Strategies Initiatives (GHSi) BRICS report - March 2012

Full report available online hereMore information can be found on the GHSi BRICS report website. 

According to the GHSi: “….The report was released in the lead-up to the 4th BRICS Summit (28-29 March,New Delhi).

It takes an in-depth look at the increasingly important roles Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are playing to advance health and development in the world’s poorest countries. … ” (p.5)

An overview of BRICS foreign assistance can be seen in the graphic below from GHSi, which is further detailed in the report.

Infographic from GHSi BRICS report - BRIC Foreign Assistance
To read more click here

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TCC Initiative Contributes to Reduction of Inequalities in the South American Chaco

As part of the Faces, Voices and Places initiative, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), together with the Ministries of Health, Education and Agriculture of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, as well as civil society organizations, undertook a technical cooperation project among countries (TCC) in three vulnerable communities near the border between the three countries. (in Spanish only)

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Fostering Cooperation Among Countries for Health in the Americas

PAHO has served as an important catalyst in the Region fostering, encouraging and even financing south-south cooperation initiatives in health.  This video provides a glimpse of how that cooperation has taken place.

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