Salt Initiative

Salt Smart Consortium: creating a positive, equitable environment working across sectors in  the countries in the Region conducive to reducing the overconsumption of dietary salt within the context of healthy nutrition and a healthy and varied food supply, endorsing the lines of work identified by the PAHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention through Dietary Salt Reduction.

Advisory Group

  • Douglas Balentine, Director of Nutrition Services, UNILEVER North America
  • Diana Vaca McGhie , Global Advocacy Manager, American Heart Association
  • Eduardo Fernandez Nilson, National Coordinator, Ministry of Health, Brazil
  • Elizabeth Vargas , Nutrition and Health Manager, Unilever, Brazil
  • Maria Rosa Rabanal, Kraft Food, Argentina
  • Norm Campbell, Professor, University of Calgary
  • Irene Klinger, Area Manager, External Relations, Resource Mobilization and Partnerships, PAHO
  • Branka Legetic, Acting Coordinatior, Noncommunicable Disease, PAHO


Press Releases