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This document offers support for the implementation of multistakeholder action at the local, national or global level. Stakeholders have called for the creation of guidelines and practical resources to support joint action-recognizing that these collaborations are complex and that resources and experience are often limited. The toolkit was jointly developed by the World Economic Forum … Read more

Meeting Agenda Participants List Press Release: SaltSmart Consortium endorses plan to have dietary salt consumption in the Americas by 2020  Report of the Second SaltSmart Consortium Presentations Dr. Irene Klinger Dra. Adriana Blanco: INCIENSA Mr. Douglas Balentine: Unilever Mr. Hasan Hutchinson: Health Canada Mr. Bill Smith

The epidemic of obesity, a condition which often begins in early childhood, has intensified throughout the world. The Americas is the most overweight, least active region of the world with 176 million obese people (103 million women and 73 million men) in 2005, or 26% of the population in the Americas is currently obese. However, … Read more

Newsletter Articles

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February 2013 Scaling up access to Cardiovascular Treatment : Issue 4/Article 1 Departure message of Dr. C. James Hospedales: Issue 4/Article 2 FEATURED PROJECT: WHPA Health Improvement Card: Issue 4/Article 3 March 2013 Moving forward with the Women’s Cancer Initiative: Issue 5/Article 1 FEATURED PROJECT: Overweight and Obesity Prevention among Adolescents, Population Services International (PSI)/(Mexico) April 2013 World … Read more

Women’s Cancer Initiative:A joint commitment to save lives

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Breast and cervical cancer are the most common women’s cancers, with over 400,000 women newly diagnosed and roughly 120,000 women dying annually from these cancers in the Americas. Many of these women’s lives can be saved with effective screening, early diagnosis and accessible treatment. There is an urgent need to scale up cancer prevention, treatment … Read more

On September, 21, 2012, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the World Bank, held a policy forum entitled,  Active Cities: Transforming Communities for Smart Growth and Health. The event featured Dr. Richard Visser, Minister of Health of Aruba, Dr. Miguel Malo, Vice Minister of Health from Ecuador, … Read more

Multi-stakeholder Consortium for Dietary Salt Reduction

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Please find below important documents of the Consortium Meeting for Dietary Salt Reduction: Agenda Consortium Meeting Agenda (English) Participants List Confirmed Participants List Related Articles Applying Social Marketing Strategy for Salt Reduction WEF: Rio Statement Reports Meeting Report Summary   Press Release/Media Governments, private sector, and civil society commit to reduce salt consumption through region-wide … Read more

PAF Welcome

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The Pan American Forum on Non-Communicable Diseases is a multi-stakeholder PLATFORM that: Brings together government, private sector and civil society Builds on CARMEN Network and the Regional Strategy on NCDs Support Member States to implement the outcomes of the UN HLM on NCDs Promotes sharing of information, dialogue, advocacy and identification of successful practices and … Read more