Food Addiction: Food on the Brain

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When is a calorie in effect more than a calorie? When it is part of products that are hyper-palatable – maybe even advertised and promoted as habit-forming

Our news team reports. Is some food addictive? And if so, what type, and who is most vulnerable? Evidence is closing in on a series of conclusions. One is yes, as reported in September in World Nutrition, some food products by usual criteria are addictive. Second, these are not fresh or minimally processed foods, but energy-dense fatty, sugary products. Third, it is not yet clear, but it may be the loading of fat or sugar itself, in some formulations at least, that has an overwhelming effect. Fourth, it looks as if such products can in effect programme the brain to over-eat. And fifth, as common sense might suggest, it is people most likely to become obese who are most vulnerable. If so, they are not helped by current freewheeling industry marketing and advertising practices.

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