PAHO/WHO Cooperation Project Bridged the Endpoints of the Americas

Tierra del Fuego and Nunavut undertook a technical cooperation project that allowed them to visit and learn from each other on how to improve the health of their populations. The initiative was promoted by Health Canada and the Pan American Health Organization.

Buenos Aires, 6 August 2012 (PAHO / WHO) - The territory of Nunavut in northern Canada, and the province of Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of Argentina, carried out a technical cooperation project between countries in order to exchange experiences and learn from each other to address a common challenge: how to improve the health of their populations. (in Spanish)


Similar, but a world apart

[Published in Nunavut News/North, on Monday, September 26 2011.]

Argentine delegation visits Nunavut to discuss health
by Cassey Lessard
Northern News Service

Iqaluit – The southernmost territory in the Western hemisphere shares the same health-care problems as the northernmost territory, delegates from the Argentinian province of Tierra del Fuego said during a visit to Iqaluit Sept. 21. Their comments echoed sentiments by one of the three Inuit health professionals who visited them in March.
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From Diversity to a Common Ground: Dissimilarity in a comprehensive approach to health

Our experience in Nunavut.

We left Ushuaia on a Friday afternoon. Several airplanes, airports, and delays later, we arrived at our destination: Nunavut, Canada. Officially we were made up of a ministry of health delegation from the Tierra del Fuego, Antarctic Territory and South Atlantic Islands Province. Our group, which included the Minister of Health, Dr. María Grieco, the Secretary of Community Health, Dr. Nora Guastini, and me, as well as Dr. Andrea Carbone from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, was on a Technical Cooperation among Countries mission organized by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). We knew that we carried an enormous responsibility: to continue on a journey that had already begun; an encounter between the opposite ends of the Americas. An encounter between people separated by a vast geographical, historical and cultural distance, yet capable of building a common agenda: a comprehensive approach to health and its determinants, with each party offering a different vision, one that is as different as it is complementary.
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