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PAHO´s renewed commitment to Cultural Diversity and Health


The First Cultural Diversity and Health Technical Advisory Group (TAG/CD) met on February 7 – 8 2011, to harness the expertise of the participants to ensure that cultural diversity is mainstreamed throughout all of PAHO’s work, and to create a concept paper to present to PAHO’s Governing Bodies, which encompasses a grander, broader understanding of cultural diversity and health. Representatives from Indigenous, Afro-Descendants and Rom populations participated in this meeting.

Over those days, TAG members were able to review PAHO achievements and challenges in integrating an intercultural approach in health information, policies and programs, present and consult on PAHO’s current (2010/11) and upcoming (2012-2013) biannual workplan in achieving equity in health of various ethnic populations, as well as in implementing PAHO Directing Council Resolution “Health of the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas,” which calls, among others, to develop strategic alliances with indigenous peoples and other key stakeholders to further advance the health of the indigenous women/men.

Through the various government representatives, international and UN agencies, and civil society organizations that participated in this event, PAHO looks forward to making great progress towards creating and implementing better understanding of diversity and health throughout all of PAHO’s work.

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