The United Nations has begun a consultation process around the world to discuss the development agenda after the 2015 deadline.  The Post-2015 Development Agenda will include new challenges, objectives and plans of action. There will be a variety of consultations like:

1.) Expert Consultation–to analyze the challenges of the development agenda after 2015 in the countries with the lowest development levels (LDC).  This process concluded at the beginning of this year with the document “Realizing the Future We Want for All” which can be found here.

2.) Eminent Person Consultations–A High Level Group, composed of “Eminent Persons” selected by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.  From our region, 5 people were selected from Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and the United States.

3.) National and Subnational Consultation–National and Subnational Consultations will take place in 56 countries (11 from Latin America and the Caribbean) with the participation of UN Agencies, and lead by the Resident Coordinator of the UN Development Program (UNDP) along with the national authorities.

4.) Thematic Consultations–the United Nations has created a process of 11 thematic consultations at the global level about various topics, including health.  There are also the following topics:

Food Security and Nutrition
Conflict and Fragility
Growth and Employment
Sustainable Development
Population and Dynamics