Principios Rectores y Áreas de Enfoque

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Source: Realizing the World We Want

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  • Environmental Sustainbility
  • Inclusive Economic Development
  • Peace and Security
  • Inclusive Social Development
  • Human Rights, Equality, Sustainability

Guiding Principles – Main Substantive Areas of Focus

1.) Starting from MDGs – We should draw from experiences, lessons learned, accelerated efforts of the original MDGs, as well as from the basic body of the UN, the Declaration of Human Rights, which was also basis for the Millennium Declaration itself.
2.) New and Emerging Challenges – e.g. environmental footprint, rapid demographic change.
3.) Convergence – the convergence of MDGs with SDGs on economic, social, environmental dimensions, convergence of Global North and Global South, and a global commitment to the SDGs.
4.) Implementation – e.g. funding, development aid, mobilization of domestic resources.
5.) Global Partnerships
6.) Adaptability - Importance of having global goals adaptable to regional, sub-regional, national needs.
7.) Inclusion and Participation – e.g. inclusion of poor sectors in consultations.
8.) Transformative Change – New agenda must productive transformative change, e.g. must tackle inequalities and have transformative, cross-cutting results.

Four Areas of Essential Focus

1.) Inclusive Economic Growth – e.g. eradication of poverty, generation of productive employment, job training.
2.) Inclusive Social Development – eradication of hunger, malnutrition, reduction of mortality and morbidity, reduction of endemics, universal access to water and sanitation, gender equality.
3.) Environmental Sustainability – protection of biodiversity, climate change, prevention of acidification of oceans, reduction in conflict.
4.) Peace and Security – rule of law, freedom from violence, fragile states, culture of peace.