March 19th, 2012

Welcome remarks. Charles Godue for Socorro Gross, Assistant Director, PAHO/WHO

Human Resources for Health in the Caribbean. Rudolph Cummings, Program Manager, Health Sector Development, CARICOM.

Capacities of Caribbean Health Workforce to meet current health challenges of non-communicable diseases, chronic conditions, and ageing . Branka Legetic, PAHO Regional Advisor, Non-Communicable Diseases.

HRH in the context of health systems in the Caribbean. Rasul Baghirov, Health Systems Advisor, PAHO OCPC, Member of the HRH Road Map Working Group.

Current HRH strengths and gaps and the national capacity for planning and management. Rick Cameron, HRH Consultant, PAHO Barbados, Member of HRH Road Map.

Introduction of HRH Road Map. Allison Annette Foster, Consultant, PAHO Regional Office and Member of HRH Road Map Working Group.

Review of challenges in governance as related to HRH in the Caribbean that need to be addressed to achieve the milestones of the HRH Road Map. Sheila Forrester Campbell, Consultant, Member of the HRH Road Map Woriking Group.

March 20th, 2012

Objectives of the session. Eugenie Brown – Education & Training objectives.

Review of challenges to education and in-service training as related to HRH in the Caribbean and to be addressed to achieve Road Map milestones. Eugenie Myrie-Brown, Dean of the College of Health Sciences. 

Partnerships for Health workforce strengthening. Brenda Bain.

PHHR Planning Panel Discussion Final. Robin Buckland, Director, Field Service, Training and Response Division.  

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