Surveillance and Research


A. Food and Nutrition Surveillance (FNSS)

CFNI utilizes nutritional surveillance and research as two important tools in the development of effective and efficient strategies to improve health and quality of life of the peoples of the Caribbean. Several current imperatives drive the need for appropriate nutritional surveillance and research. These are: health risks, health reforms, globalisation, vulnerability, disasters and poverty and inequity.

Major activities in Food and Nutritional surveillance include:

  • Training
  • The development of specialized software
  • The development/strengthening of surveillance systems

B. Research

Research at CFNI is guided by the need to provide evidence-based information to more effectively prevent and manage the major food and nutrition problems in the region. To this end, the Institute rigorously pursues qualitative and quantitative research on nutrition related diseases in a number of areas, including:

  • Research to develop protocols and guidelines for dietary management of diseases;
  • Formative research; and
  • Research on behaviour change.


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Surveillance and Research