CAJANUS Vol.39, No.3 2006 What's New on - diabetes

Active ImageThis edition of Cajanus focuses on diabetes at both a Caribbean, regional through the Americas and global levels. Many times we hear it quoted that the prevalence of diabetes in the Caribbean is "high" but where are the data to support this claim? A few studies have been conducted within the Caribbean countries to calculate the prevalence of this chronic condition.

The studies that we have show a grave situation and in the article by Xuereb and Ragoobirsingh a collation of the available published data has been done. This information better informs both our readers and policy makers in the Caribbean Region. The trends in the prevalence of diabetes are showing an ever-increasing problem, and good epidemiological data are essential to allo w policy-makers to make informed decisions on strategies which not only improve quality of care but also aim at primary and secondary prevention of diabetes and its complications. Contents

  • What's new in diabetes - Godfrey Xuereb

  • The prevalence of diabetes in the Caribbean - Godfrey Xuereb and Dalip Ragoobirsingh
  • The role of glycosylated haemoglobin in the control of diabetes mellitus - Godfrey Xuereb
  • Diabetes nutrition education and human rights: lessons from a research study among Caribbean people in the UK - Penelope Scott
  • Standards for the development of programmes for education on diabetes in America - Committee of Education, DOTA
  • IDF global guidelines for type two diabetes-International diabetes Federation (IDF)
  • Psychological care