PAHO at the mHealth Summit

Global technology for Health: Initiatives on mHealth for Latin America and the Caribbean PAHO/WHO (authors: Marcelo D ‘Agostino, Ana Lucia Ruggiero and David Novillo)

mHealth SummitAbstract: PAHO/WHO has a specialized website 2.0 with sources of information in eHealth including a compilation of good practices in technologies applied to health. In addition PAHO/WHO has a set of social media tools: Blog, Twitter and a list of distribution on mHealth in which people, researchers and public health experts in the matter discuss and address issues of interest on technological solutions. PAHO/WHO created an online tool for the collection, analysis, dissemination and exchange of the experiences and good practices in mHealth. The focus is to exchange and transfer applications, in which the national governments, provincial and local authorities can share solutions and develop standards.

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