PAHO Speaks Out: Chinese Delegation and Humphrey Fellowship Program fellows visited Headquarters

Chinese DelegationThe PAHO Speakers Bureau coordinated the visit of 30 officials from the Food and Drug Administration of Hubei Province, China on Jan. 10. The visit was part of their training program on food and drug safety, aimed to help participants understand food and drug safety programs in the United States and in the Region. The delegation expressed a strong interest in visiting PAHO to learn about its mission and work in the Americas. Mr. Daniel Epstein and Dr. James Hospedales gave presentations about PAHO and its role providing technical cooperation and monitoring and assessing health trends, and an overview of the current situation of non communicable diseases in the region, focusing on the problems of the high rates of obesity and diabetes in our population.

Last December, PAHO received the visit of 12 fellows of the Humphrey Fellowship Program. The Fellowship Program is funded by the US Department of State and invites mid-career professionals from around the world to come to the US for a year to study, build professional skills, network, foster cross-cultural understanding, and build relationships with their professional counterparts in the US. The fellows focused mainly on drug dependence, infectious disease epidemiology and prevention, and public health. Fellows were from these countries: Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), Ukraine, Czech Republic, Turkey, Laos, Nepal, and Nigeria. The purpose of their visit to PAHO was to learn about the Pan American Health Organization and to provide fellows with an opportunity to see American public health initiatives in action, and how PAHO relates and works with the WHO health initiatives.

Chinese DelegationThe PAHO Speakers Bureau serves to explain the relevance and importance of the Pan American Health Organization’s mission and role as an international public health organization. Our main objective is to educate and inform organizations and individuals about our work. We share information on the Organization’s areas of expertise in disease prevention and control, immunization, health promotion, violence, adolescent health, disaster and emergency preparedness, women’s health and gender issues, environmental protection, urbanization, violence, emerging and re-emerging diseases, HIV/AIDS, health sector reform and reduction of social inequities, among others.

Since 1997 the Speakers Bureau has arranged for numerous Pan American Health Organization experts to speak to diverse audiences ranging from universities, international organizations, conferences and councils. Usually a KMC spokesperson gives a general briefing on PAHO, and answers questions about the Organization. The Bureau also provides appropriate scientific and technical experts as needed, depending on the audience, at functions ranging from opening sessions to conference panels and other meetings.

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