Public eHealth Innovation and Equity In Latin America and the Caribbean (eSAC)

eSAC is a project jointly developed by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the University of Toronto and the Area of Knowledge Management and Communication at the Pan American Health Organization to contribute to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of marginalized population groups in the LAC region, through the application of Public eHealth solutions.

Carefully selected and highly trained young professionals will spearhead the development of a regional community of interest focusing on Public eHealth. This community will represent at the same time both fertile soil for the seeds of innovation to germinate and a responsive environment ready to receive and use successfully developed solutions.

eSAC will include a second major set of activities organized around an open competition that will provide resources and incentives to innovators in the region to promote the conceptualization, design, field testing and optimization of innovative Public eHealth solutions.

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