Development of PAHO’s Editorial Policy

PAHOIn June of 2010, EXM approved the development plan for PAHO’s editorial policy. The objectives of the editorial policy: define standards for information products, enhance institutional image, adopt production and distribution models that are more cost-effective, and ensure widespread accessibility to PAHO’s information products.

The editorial policy will be a more comprehensive policy that the publications policy and will include all of the information products published in the various communications media. It will incorporate existing policies for publications, translations and the Web, and be compatible with the Policy on Research for Health recently approved by the Governing Bodies.

The policy will be structured into chapters that will address technical issues such as: the classification of information products generated by PAHO and the respective editorial and approval processes for content quality; the use of new technologies and communications media; publication and communication on the Web; open access; translation and multilingualism; outsourcing; and dissemination and storage in repositories, databases and libraries. In addition, it will address issues related to the ethics of scientific communication, copyright, authorship and collaboration with other institutions, as well as publication in external sources of information, conflicts of interest, and the use of logos and institutional images.

In November 2010, a paper on the development of the editorial policy was presented at the Second Latin American Meeting of Scientific Editors (EIDEC 2010), held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The full text of the paper can be found at:

The methodology for the development of the editorial policy will be participatory and should involve all of the technical areas from Headquarters, Country Offices and Centers. The working groups will begin in January 2011 and the work plan will be released soon.

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