Telemedicine: Experts Present Experiences and Best Practices in the Americas

Providing a variety of health services at a distance and in various locations, telemedicine has proven to be a useful tool to improve the health of communities. This was the argument of experts from different organizations and countries, who shared success stories on this subject at the 9th Regional Congress on Health Information Sciences (CRICS9), held 22-24 October at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in Washington, DC.

The use of telemedicine in healthcare and prevention of patients, especially in hard to reach areas, as well as the regulations and processes that led to its practice in various countries was the focus of the plenary session titled “Telehealth: service models and programss” during CRICS9, organized by PAHO/WHO in conjunction with its Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences (BIREME).

“More and more are using mobile technology as a strategy for health,” said Patricia Mechael, Executive Director of the mHealth Alliance, who noted that in a recent survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) at least 83% of countries surveyed indicated that they had a mobile health initiative.

Full Article Available in Spanish Only: Telemedicina: Presentan experiencias y buenas prácticas en las Américas

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