Nando Campanella (BRA) comparte con el equipo de comunicaciones


Hoy recibimos la visita de Nando Campanella de nuestra Representación en Brasil. Nando es nuestra contraparte en Brasilia, a cargo de KMC, y estuvo conversando y compartiendo con todo el equipo. Bienvenido y nos mantendremos en “comunicación”!

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One Response to “Nando Campanella (BRA) comparte con el equipo de comunicaciones”

  1. I am very interested in expanding the experience in my area (TropicalMedicine / Infectology) and have available the 1st half of 2013.

    In that sense, I ask you inform me, who should I contact in Washington for atraining period, there, or where appropriate,

    in the field of neglected or abandoned diseases. I want to knowand learn the guidelines of WHO / WHO or PAHO / PAHO,used to guide the affected countries to conduct these diseases.

    It is very important to me at this stage, I have the satisfaction of being part of an elite group of professionals in health systems, both technicaland scientific aiming at the supervision and control of these diseases.

    I am a physician, professor and researcher at a major training centerfor federal opinions (IPTSP – UFG), and parallel,I am an advisor / consultant surveillance, epidemiology and control ofthese diseases in the Ministry of Health, Brazil and Peru.

    I was also “Temporary Adviser” of PAHO a few years ago.

    Wait for your important contact to proceed with the solicitation ofcorresponding leave at my university,

    Thank you, in advance, for the information you can give me,

    Prof.Dr. Marco Tulio A Garcia-Zapata, MD, PhD
    Medical Tropicalist/ Head Professor / Principal Researcher
    Tropical Medicine &Dermatology Department (DMTD)
    Center for Studies andResearch in (Re)Emerging Diseases (NUPEREME)
    Reference Sentry Unit forInternational and Travel Medicine (USCREMIVI)
    Tropical Pathology &Public Health Institute (IPTSP)
    Federal University of Goias(UFG)
    Goiania – GO, BRAZIL

    Caixa Postal 12911 – SetorLeste Vila Nova
    Goiania – GO, 74643-970, Brazil
    Phone: (+62)3269-8219, Fax(+62)3521-1839

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