Virtual Extraordinary Meeting of the Executive Board on the WHO Reform Process

On Thursday, 23 February 2012, the Member States in the Region of the WHO Executive Board participated in an extraordinary virtual meeting that took place entirely via Elluminate Live, in order to discuss the reform of programs and priority setting as part of the WHO Reform.

This past January, during the 130th session of the WHO Executive Board, the decision was taken to discuss the reform of programs and priority setting through a Member State driven process. This includes a meeting, open to all Member States, to take place at the WHO headquarters in Geneva on 27 and 28 February.  In view of that, the Director considered very important analyzing the reference documents that will be discussed in Geneva and called for this extraordinary meeting.

The four documents discussed during the meeting related to programs and priority setting were:

  1. Programs and Priority Setting
  2. Mapping the Functions of WHO
  3. Analysis of WHO Country Cooperation Strategies
  4. Twelfth General Programme of Work 2014–2019 and Programme budget 2014–2015: roadmap and timelines:

All the members of the Executive Board that met virtually on this occasion were Barbados, Canada, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico. The delegates of the United States of America participated in person as well as the Area Managers of the PAHO Headquarters.

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