The story behind the photo: Venezuela

“Wayuu Breastfeeding in democracy”

I took this photo in Maracaibo during my country´s elections in 2008. After I exercised my right to vote, I went with my always-present camera to try to capture the mood outside the voting center. I immediately saw this Wayuu mother breastfeeding her child; additionally, she had a stained finger (in my country, dying the little finger purple is a way to control who has voted). This incredible scene caught my attention and I asked permission to take her picture. My goal was to capture the image of a woman who had fulfilled her civil duties and was additionally exercising her full motherhood without caring that so many people were around. She showed me that breastfeeding is as important as democracy, and that both things live in this Wayuu mother.

Photographer: Rafael Jose Puche Quiñonez, Venezuela

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