The story behind the photo: Uruguay


Every week Nadia travels to Pinar, about 30 kilometers outside of Montevideo, to take care of her nephew Caetano while his mother works in an area school. One afternoon after lunch, Nadia retired to put the baby to sleep while I stayed in the dining room. After a few minutes, when I went to see who had put whom to sleep, I came upon this scene full of peace and intimacy: the child soundly resting and the satisfaction of his aunt while protecting him. So I simply took the photo, but then I began to think and realized that this was one of those moments in which everyone – men, women and children, deserve to live: whether it’s a rest, a kiss, a hug, a shared task, a little help; everything that if we are asked to define, we might not know exactly what to say, but usually call love.

Photographer: Juan Manuel Marcucci Longhitano, Uruguay

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