The story behind the photo: Costa Rica

“Breastfeeding, a gift of love”

The entire world has gone through several economic crises that not even all of its experts have been able to solve. Central America has millions of heart-rending stories related to malnutrition and yet a mother always has to face everything to come out ahead for her family, despite the crisis, despite the lack of support, despite deficiencies or all the world’s problems.

I took this photo in a village of Izabal, Guatemala, in 2008; a young mother with several children, breastfeeding her little one, while she told me how at times she does not even have tortillas to put on the table. Despite the lack of opportunities, education, budget and isolation, she gives to her son the best of herself: her love, her care, and the fruit of the love from her breast.

Photographer: Kattia Patricia Vargas Araya, Costa Rica

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