Colombia announces best practices winners in Safe Motherhood Contest

The Colombian Ministry of Social Protection, UNFPA, and PAHO/WHO announced the winners of the national Safe Motherhood best practices contests. All of the winners attended the event to present their experiences.

The winners for the Community and Institutional Experiences are:
•First place: Safe Motherhood Intervention with cultural adaptation in the Caucano Pacific, presented by the Midwives of Pacific Caucana Coast
•Second place: Policy of Zero Indifference to maternal and perinatal mortality, presented by the Bogotá District Health Secretary
•Third place: Between the “sobijo” and the “kristelle”: a path toward the apad, presented by Óscar Arley Gómez

The winners for the Technical Experiences are:
•First place: Strategy to improve the Continuum of Quality Prenatal Care, Birth, and Newborn care, presented by the FES Social Foundation de Valle del Cauca y Manizales
•Second place: It’s possible to reduce maternal mortality: from information to action, the example of Antioquia, presented by the Sectional Secretary of Health and Social Protection in Antioquia
•Third place: Institutional model of impact in reducing maternal mortality – path to excellence, presented by the Rafael Calvo de Cartagena Maternity Clinic of Bolívar, Colombia

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