Memorando de Entendimiento entre la OPS/OMS y el Servicio de Parques Nacionales

Hoy Miércoles 30 de Mayo de 2012 se firmó el Memorando de Entendimiento entre la Organización Panamericana de la Salud/Organización Mundial de la Salud (OPS/OMS) Oficina Frontera México-Estados Unidos y el Servicio de Parques Nacionales para apoyar los Ecoclubs. Además de ser el primer acuerdo de este tipo que se firma en EU, es un gran paso para el desarrollo de los Ecoclubs ya que impulsará los proyectos que implementan los niños y jóvenes de esta frontera.

September 30 HISTORY !

(Español) Project Vida Ecoclub adopta un tramo del Río Grande

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Chamizal Ecoclub Starts Fund for Community Garden

Community Garden

Thanks to a generous donation of $500 from Mrs. Niland, the Ecoclub Chamizal was able to start a fund early this month that will be used for a community garden. Through the Chamizal Project we are working with the city to find an adecuate location to start this garden. The garden will be used collaboratively by Ecoclub Chamizal and Ecoclub Project Vida.

Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

     Michael Recycle is a superhero. He recycles and helps communities to keep their cities clean. He doesn’t leave a city until its citizens learn to recycle.

     This month we read his story to the youngest kids in the Project Vida Ecoclub. Then we helped them make their own sculptures of the character with used cans and bottles. On the final reading of the story, Michael Recycle himself joined them to share his experiences as a protector of the environment. 

     Have you read Michael Recycle? Post a comment!

Tury Martinez

Art and the Environment

This month we used our imagination to create paintings related to the environment.

     This project helped us appreciate nature and it was fun!


Jorge Martínez

(Español) Lectura infantil: “Somos extremadamente muy buenos reciclando” por Lauren Child

(Español) Salón ecológico

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El Paso Ecoclubs celebrate GYSD

April 15-17, 2011. El Paso, TX. Project Vida Ecoclub, the Chamizal Ecoclub and Housing Authority Ecoclub celebrated Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) along with millions of children and youth around the world.

     GYSD is celebrated every year in over 100 countries by gathering children and youth with the goal of improving their communities. Kids choose and implement their projects with the help of global and local organizations.
     This year, the Chamizal Ecoclub took part in their neighborhood cleanup. It was hosted at Project Vida and supported by Chamizal Project and the United Way AmeriCorps/VISTA from all El Paso sites.
     The whole Chamizal neighborhood area benefited from the cleanup since it helped promote a clean and healthy lifestyle.
     The Chamizal Ecoclub would like to thank all the organizations that made this wonderful project possible including Chamizal Project, Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts, YWCA, and Project Vida.

For more information about GYSD visit:

Do you have other ideas to help keep your community clean and healthy? Tell us what you think. Post a comment!

Leadership and teamwork structure

(Español) ¿Qué es un líder?

Supermarket Fashion

El Paso, TX. March 7, 2011. Teens at Project Vida Ecoclub care for the planet with style.

It takes approximately 100 years for plastic bags to decompose. We use them every time we go shopping and sometimes we even throw them away as soon as we leave the store. Do you really think we need all that waste? 

The teens at the Ecoclub found a better alternative: fun and stylish tote bags. They designed tote bags for their moms, aunts, grandmas or whoever goes grocery shopping at their homes. All they needed were patches, fabric paint, and lots of creativity.

Plastic bags are from last season. Stay in style!

Do you also use lots of plastic bags at home? Can you think of other ways to replace them? 

Message from Dr. Maria Teresa Cerqueira, Chief of PAHO/WHO U.S.-Mexico Border Office

With great satisfaction and joy I announce the launch of the Ecoclubs network’s blog in the U.S.-Mexico border. We hope that through this virtual space youth and adults that make up the ever-growing network, can exchange ideas, actions, knowledge, interests, projects, plans and friendships.

We are entering a new era of connectivity and social networks; this accelerated development of new technologies of information and communication presents formidable challenges to the public, in spreading the message of the Ecoclubs: Development of youth leadership and community involvement in solving the problems of local public health environment and improve conditions where they live, study, play and work.

This blog has connection facilities with other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others; further expanding our message and exchange opportunities.

Thanks to all the youth and adults whose efforts made possible the development of the network, thanks to the staff in the areas of Health Promotion, Sustainable Development and Environmental Health, as well as Knowledge Management and Communication in our office and our office headquarters of the Border who worked in this great project, for their great work in making possible the launching of this new portal.

And a special thanks to Dr. Mirta Roses, PAHO Director, whose vision contributed to the development of this initiative.

Dra. Maria Teresa Cerqueira
Chief of the Office
PAHO/WHO U.S.-Mexico Border

Members of the Ecoclub El Chamizal were trained in leadership and teamwork structure

El Paso, U.S., February 17, 2011 (PAHO/WHO) – It is essential that children and youth of the community have access to training opportunities in leadership and teamwork, as well as plans and processes of organization and coordination among government agencies, and private and community organizations in general. Therefore, PAHO in collaboration with the networks of the Mexican Ecoclubes and the International Ecoclubes organized the first training workshop on leadership and teamwork structure for the members of the Chamizal Ecoclub. This workshop took place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of March in Tays Community.

Launch and presentation of Ecoclub El Chamizal video

Delivery of specialized equipment for photo and video editing

On 12 January, with the intention to continue motivating the effort of the Ecoclub El Chamizal, The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), through its U.S.-Mexico Border Office (USMBO) delivered specialized equipment for photo editing and video and documentation of activities that the different branches of the Ecoclub had performed in the community of the Chamizal and the city of El Paso, in general.

In the delivery, the presidents of the three branches of the Ecoclub were present; they appreciated the continued support of the organization in all its activities.

Dr. Maria Teresa Cerqueira on behalf of PAHO made the formal delivery of the equipment

Launch and presentation of Ecoclub El Chamizal

October 16, 2010, El Paso, TX – In search of youth leadership development on environmental issues and community health. On Saturday October 13th was held at the Chamizal National Memorial Park the presentation to the community of “Ecoclub El Chamizal” a project led by the Office of the United States-Mexico Border of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) in collaboration with Project Vida, Chamizal Project and Housing of Authority. Ecoclub El Chamizal is an independent, youth-led and driven by the community of El Chamizal which promotes activities to improve the quality of life, contributes to the welfare of society, environmental preservation and sustainable local development. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of people within the community through their active participation in solving environmental problems. Was selected the community of Chamizal in El Paso Texas as the site of the first Ecoclub of the United States due to the series of environmental problems affecting the health of the community such as lack of tree planting and landscaping, garbage and waste disposal solid, few spaces suitable for recreation, among others. Within this release was delivered to each participant of the Ecoclub shirts with the official logo of this project and presented the work plans that take place every one of the branches as part this project. Digital cameras were also awarded to the presidents of each participating agency with which intends to translate them to leave the progress achieved within the community. This project started with all the motivation and conviction to bring change from root to the welfare of the community of El Chamizal.

Reportaje de Ecoclubs

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