PAHO/WHO Regional Consultation on the Social Determinants of Health in the Region of the Americas

The World Health Organization is carrying out, in cooperation with the Government of Brazil, the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 19 to 20 October 2011.  In preparation to this Conference each Region is preparing a position document on the subject.

PAHO/WHO is conducting a Regional virtual consultation in order to collect the recommendations for the Position Paper. 

The purpose of this consultation is to obtain the perspective of experts in the Americas regarding the impact of economic, social and environmental determinants of health in the quality of life and the reduction of the gap in equity in the access to the health services.

From your perspective, what are three key recommendations regarding the social determinants of health that you would like to suggest for the Regional Position Paper?
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WHO Technical Paper on the SDH:
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