El Salvador Worries Over Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease

The prevalence of chronic kidney disease in some areas of El Salvador was one of the issues addressed by the Minister of Health and Welfare of the country, Dr. Maria Isabel Rodriguez, and the Director of PAHO, Dr. Mirta Roses, during the 51st Directing Council of the Organization.

At the meeting, Dr. Rodriguez presented Dr. Roses with the first issue of the Revista Salud, a magazine published by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture of El Salvador, which has not yet entered circulation in the country, and which contains an article by Dr. Roses.

They also discussed the participation of El Salvador in the XXVII Meeting of the Health Sector of Central America and the Dominican Republic, scheduled to take place in Panama from 5 to 7 October.

PAHO’s Director congratulated the Minister of Health of El Salvador for the strides made by the national parliament with regard to new legislation on tobacco control.

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