Dr. Chan Calls on Countries to “Make a Difference in Women’s Health”

Following the announcement by Canada’s Minister for International Cooperation, Beverley Oda, on the cooperation project with PAHO, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan, stressed the need to “show results” when making commitments of that type.

Dr. Chan said that often there is talk but no action is taken on what is said. She said that on the one hand donors do not always do what they undertake to do, but on the other hand sometimes those who receive these donations do not follow through on their commitment. “It is important for countries to show results, for them to improve the health of women; with all that we know, these days not one of them should die during delivery,” she said.

Dr. Chan noted that the Secretary General of the United Nations assigned her the task of forming a group of independent experts, so that world leaders can count on having information that allows them to make decisions and improve policies to ensure the health of mothers and children. She invited Michelle Bachelet, director of UN Women, to join this group to join forces. Bachelet, in the room, agreed.

“Let us make a difference in women’s health. We only have four years until 2015,” when we are to meet Millennium Development Goal number 5, which relates to improving maternal health, said Chan. “We will make a difference,” she stated.

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