WHO Is Undergoing Reforms to Serve You Better, Dr. Chan tells Member States of the Americas

“The World Health Organization is undergoing this process of reform to serve you better,” said WHO Director, Dr. Margaret Chan. She clarified that “this reform isn’t because WHO is broken.”

The Director of WHO stated that the reform aims at better coordination and at facing the fact that it is an overextended organization with limited funds. She explained that annually they receive between 20 and 28 resolutions to act on but not enough funds to carry them out. She said that for that reason the member states are being invited to contribute their views.

The Director of WHO said that the Region of the Americas has a characteristic that differentiates it from the other regions in that it has over 100 years of experience. This can give it great particularity when concentrating on the reform of WHO, she indicated.

Dr. Chan emphasized that this discussion on the future of the WHO is not in order to get more funds from countries, but rather to define priorities and lines of action and work, and based on this, resolve the financing of the organization.

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