Dr. Laura Adriana Albarellos Receives Manuel Velasco Suárez Award

The 2011 Manuel Velasco Suárez Award for Excellence in Bioethics was presented to Dr. Laura Adriana Albarellos, of the Universidad de la Américas Puebla, Mexico, for a proposal presenting a legislative framework for the operation of gene banks and genetic databases in accordance with the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights and International Declaration on Human Genetic Data guidelines of UNESCO.

“This project proposes a systematic study of the prevailing social reality in Mexico, based on its vital constitutive and constituent core and the achievements and impact of public policies that cannot and should not be beyond the legal structrues that must be created or modified,” said Dr. Albarellos. “This way, when these gene banks are set up, they will not fall into a legal limbo that creates a dangerous vacuum for the very beneficiary for whom they were intended–the people–or get trapped in indefensible philosophical debates.”

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