(English) Dr. John Edward Greene Honored with 2011 PAHO Award for Administration

Dr. John Edward Greene, former Assistant Secretary-General for Human and Social Development at the Caribbean Community, CARICOM, was awarded the 2011 PAHO Award for Administration during the afternoon session of the Directing Council in recognition of his distinguished public health career.

At the CARICOM Secretariat, Dr. Greene held a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from education, labor and culture to youth, gender and sports and extending to climate change and crime and security. He played a key role in the establishment of the new Caribbean Public Health Agency, CARPHA, which united five regional health institutions and held its first Executive Board meeting just last week. Dr. Greene also spent five years at PAHO in the 1990s, during which time he coordinated the landmark Caribbean Health Study, which provided lasting policy guidance for health sector reform in his region.

A native of Guyana, Dr. Greene worked at all three campuses of the University of the West Indies-in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica-and now holds the title of Professor Emeritus.

Health policies and systems are constructed through human behavior and interpretation rather than independently of them,” said Dr. Greene. “This is the thread hat connects the social scientist and public health professional and public health advocate.

The PAHO Award for Administration is conferred every year by the Governments of the Americas through their representatives during the meetings of the PAHO Governing Bodies, in recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of administration within the framework of the national health services.

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