Paraguay’s Minister of Health Says Regional Level Is Most Appropriate for Solving Health Challenges

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay and representative of the countries comprising the South American Council of Health of the UNASUR, Esperanza Martínez, said that “the regional level is most appropriate for solving current health challenges,” having noted that current health problems transcend borders.

Martinez said that UNASUR Health has a Five-Year Plan 2010-2015 in process of implementation. “We are convinced of the need for stronger multilateralism and that PAHO should be the big mover to realize the effective enjoyment of the right to health for all citizens of the region, from the mandates of the Member States”, she considered.

She also noted that States have been attending the WHO reform process and said that her main concern “is that WHO is able to lead and drive the highest authority in the sector globally.” In that regard, she said that “changes should not only promote or incorporate new technologies such as health forums or external consultant evaluations, but also require an extensive discussion and decision making on the part of Member States.”

For Martinez, the WHO reform “must be designed to maximize their leadership skills and improve its technical performance as the highest authority in global health.”

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