Ministers Share Work Experiences and Advances in Nutrition Projects

Ministers of health share work experiences and progress achieved on their nutrition projects

With the intention of sharing work experiences and advances in their respective nutrition projects, four ministers in attendance of the 50th Directing Council, met with the Assistant Director of PAHO, Dr. Socorro Gross.

Manuel Peña, coordinator of the Pan American Alliance for Nutrition and Development, informed on the special distinction that was made to Dr. Isabel Rodríguez, Minister of Health of El Salvador, for the significant achievements that her country has had in its Multisectoral Project where malnutrition is addressed from the perspective of health. The same happened upon recognizing Dr. Oscar Ugarte for the excellent work that the Ministry of Health of Peru has developed.

In the group Dr. Esperanza Martínez, Minister of Paraguay, and Dr. Ricard Visser, Minister of Health of Aruba participated in the discussion by colleagues on the subjects of chronic malnutrition and the regional strategies that have been implemented.

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