The Head of the Canadian Delegation Congratulated PAHO for Addressing Human Rights and the Health of the Most Vulnerable

Ministra de Salud de CanadáThe head of the Canadian delegation, Karen Dodds, congratulated PAHO for highlighting the health and the human rights of the most vulnerable groups, for progress in curbing endemic rubella, and for the strategy for health workers.

She also welcomed PAHO’s E-health strategy. “New technologies allow citizens to access health information,” she said, adding that this tool “will be of specific benefit to rural and remote communities.”

Dodds expressed concern over unhealthy lifestyles, particularly among younger children, as well as over the consumption of tobacco and of artificially flavored products. We are facing the possibility of seeing a generation that will grow with shorter and less healthier lives than their parents, she lamented. On the other hand, she encouraged countries to adapt their health services to better serve indigenous populations.

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