Bolivia’s Newly Ratified Constitution Includes the Right to Health

Ministra de Salud de BoliviaBolivia’s Minister of Health and Sport, Dr. Nila Heredia, spoke about the new era of profound changes her country faces after having ratified a new constitution. With this came the inclusion of the population into the right to health and, for the government, a series of short and medium term tasks necessary to meet the commitments.

Bolivia has established a program for prenatal care and for maintaining a healthy child; this program, a year and a half old, has enhanced the care pregnant women receive and has clarified the situation in relation to the nutritional status of children.

Also, a registry was created at the national level of people with disabilities in a study supported by Cuba and Venezuela, in which was found that in Bolivia the disabled number 87,000.

Working to foresee and prevent the consequences of climate change is very important, said the minister, because if the earth gets sick, everyone gets sick.

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