Council spotlights links between health and human security

Council spotlights links between health and human security Health leaders debated the concept of human security and its relationship with health on the fourth day of the 50th PAHO Directing Council. As opposed to national or military security, human security is concerned with the ability of individuals, families and communities to live free from fear and from want: to have job or income security, food security, freedom from aggression, and access to basic opportunities to live productive and dignified lives. Health is an integral part of human security and is intricately linked with its other components, including political, social, economic, and environmental.

Expanding social protection in health is an essential part of ensuring human security.

In a resolution, delegates called on PAHO to promote training in this area and to explore the possibility of developing policy guidelines and methodological tools for integrating a human security approach into the Organization’s programs and activities.

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