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Radionovela Report | Executive Summary  
The radio soap opera “La Influenza” consists of twenty, one minute, episodes to be broadcasted like radio spots through community radios.
Each soap opera episode aims to disseminate prevention messages relevant to Influenza, as well as on its health effects. To accomplish this, the episodes are structured with five parts:
  1. An opening- giving context
  2. The story
  3. Health message
  4. Narrator’s message, reinforcement and hook
  5. Closing
  1. Promote the following practices:
    1. Hand washing
    2. Coughing and sneezing etiquette
    3. Voluntary isolation and social distancing
    4. Whole society approach
The pilot testing of the soap opera took place in six countries of the Americas (Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay) on November 2010 with the collaboration of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), Latin America and the Caribbean. The report describes in detail the qualitative and quantitative methods used as well as the conclusions and suggestions to improve the soap opera.
Targeted audience:  Young adults, teenagers, parents and caregivers in communities
La Influenza
To preview an episode, move the mouse over the number and click play, if you want to download the complete soap opera please click here.
2LA INFLUENZA Intro Ricky y BeaDownload
3LA INFLUENZA Info H1N1Download
4LA INFLUENZA Higiene Tos y SintomasDownload
5LA INFLUENZA Info Transmision y AntebrazoDownload
6LA INFLUENZA Lavdo de ManosDownload
7LA INFLUENZA Aislamiento y Consulta SSDownload
8LA INFLUENZA Signos AlarmaDownload
9LA INFLUENZA Cancelacion EventosDownload
10LA INFLUENZA Rcky Condutas EnfermosDownload
11LA INFLUENZA Bea Lavado ManosDownload
12LA INFLUENZA Cancion Lavado de ManosDownload
13LA INFLUENZA Proteccion TrabajadoresDownload
14LA INFLUENZA Participacion ComunitariaDownload
15LA INFLUENZA Participacion Aislamiento AguaDownload
16LA INFLUENZA Sintomas Bea CansadaDownload
17LA INFLUENZA Aislamiento_Higiene_AlarmaDownload
18LA INFLUENZA Cancion RickyDownload
19LA INFLUENZA Declaracion RickyDownload
20LA INFLUENZA Bea respondeDownload
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